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"As an architect, I want to create art in the landscape. But once inside, the art becomes the landscape." - Millie Aldrich

The goal is not to mimic or recreate nature but to create a timeless design that lives in harmony with its surroundings. Not only the views, but the elements, sun, wind, rain and snow, must be considered.

The material choices on the exterior flow into the interior creating a seamless transition between the exterior and interior. These fixed finishes and material choices reinforce the architectural style to retain the timeless design.

Sister Team

They do have similar mannerisms and style, but their strengths are very different. Millie has a strong sense of site placement, scale, and proportion of the structure. Frankie brings layers of softness and depth to the interiors. They strive to create spaces that are unique, layered, unified and functional. Together, they are a powerhouse of design ideas and experience. Each compliments the other. “We have known each other all our lives, working together is easy.”

Pure Design Studio team



Millie Aldrich

Millie Aldrich, AIA, NCARB

Principle Architect Pure Design Studio
Registered Architect in Colorado and Texas Architect

Millie’s academic journey started in Interior Design. She shifted into the architecture department during her study abroad in Australia. Once completing the Interior Design program, she started her master’s in Architecture. Her studies became a full circle after being part of a traveling studio with Peter Zumthor during Graduate School.

Understanding how a building responds to the site and lives for the client’s lifestyle gives the building longevity. Millie says “starting in interior design has made me a stronger architect, I think about the location of art walls, how the space with be furnished, where the bed wall is located and what you see when you wake up in the morning. We love open floor plans, but still need to define the spaces to make them intimate.”

Pure Design Studio began in 2007. We have grown through referrals and several repeat clients.


Registered Architect AIA

Principal of Pure Design Studio, est. 2007


Master of Architecture, Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts – Interior Design, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.


American Institute of Architects (AIA)ER


National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB)

Frankie Smith

Frankie Smith

Interior Designer / Purchasing Manager

Frankie spent her career working as a designer in various industries such as apparel, textile, and graphic design. As an Account manager she performed a broad range of duties from design development and production to marketing and delivery. Her design work has been featured in Industry trade magazines. Frankie is based in the Pacific Northwest where the style is notable for its modernism and natural beauty which compliments the modern pure forms and clean lines in Millie’s architecture. Frankie strives to accentuate the pristine beauty of the region by integrating natural details throughout the interiors. The fun part for Frankie is bringing the client’s personality into the space which makes each project unique and interesting. ” I enjoy collaborating with regional artists to enhance clients own unique taste. Some clients have an inventory for me to work around and others direct me to artwork and furniture pieces they like to use in the space.’ Frankie works directly with manufacturers to pass on designer savings to her clients.

I love using the unexpected or whimsical elements in a space, through color, accessories, or furniture pieces. – Frankie Smith


Western Carolina University

Bachelor of Science

Clothing/Textiles/Merchandising Design




Sparky’s favorite activities are site visits, greeting and hiking. She is the constant companion at Pure Design Studio where she provides plenty of unconditional love.

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